I am so much more than a photographer and you are so much more than my client. I want to be your best friend.

My goal is to photograph the best version of yourself so I do and say all that I can to help achieve that. Whether it’s senior pictures or your wedding day, I strive to be there for you. I’ll get a stain out of your dress or fix your hair. I’ll laugh and cry with you.

I treat my clients the way I hope my wedding photographer treats me one day, so know I’m not just an ‘investment’, but a person investing my everything into your day as well. You’re investing me, and I’m investing in you – the love is mutual!

Reach out to me by filling out my contact form. I can get to know you a little bit better before we hop on a call or meet in person!

if you can't meet in person we schedule a zoom or phone call to address and really lock down your needs and wants for your special day and you can ask all of your questions. Once you decide we are a good fit I'll send over a contact and invoice

You are booked! Now we’ll nail down locations and elements you might want to include in your day. I create a shared Pinterest board to round your vision, and can also connect you with other cool vendors. I’ll stay in touch all the way up to your wedding day of course!

t’s finally here, the day you’ve been planning for! I’ll know exactly when and where to meet you both, and you’ll just get to sink into this once-in-a-lifetime experience and start your wildest adventure yet.

I grew up traveling the world, quite literally as I grew up in Asia and always traveled to nearby countries and back to the U.S.!! I love being able to capture amazing people in amazing places.

If you are wanting to travel, let’s chat and work something out because I always love an excuse to do three of my favorite things: meeting new people, photographing said people, and traveling!!